keskiviikko 12. maaliskuuta 2008

Country colour combinations

"Deep raspberry pinks are layered with paler pastel bedcovers against cream-painted walls. The enamel jug on the windowsill shows the raspberry and cream colours swirled together on a single surface". What a bed! Ihana sänky!
"Decorated and furnished in the palest shades of pink, mauve and green, this little sitting room has the delicate grace of summer wedding cake. Elegant furniture designs in decorative metal-work and gilded wood add the finishing touch". Lovely! Ihastuttavat värit.
"Sunshine streams down this yellow-painted hallway, reflected by the walls and cooled by the soft grey-blue of the woodwork. Bold striped rugs and plain wood furniture add a practical, nautical air". Actually I don't like yellow, but this is very nice. Auringonpaiste hehkuu tässä asunnossa.

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